Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Agile Team Room

During a recent training course, we discussed the agile team room, especially the whiteboard space for modelling. Fortunately, Mike Cohn just published a blog, listing the essential features for The Ideal Agile Workspace:
  • Big Visible Charts
  • Additional feedback devices
  • Everyone on your team
  • The sprint backlog
  • The product backlog
  • At least one big white board
  • Someplace quiet and private
  • Food and drink, and finally
  • A window
The comments link to several implementations of this list. For instance, one of the comments link to a tour through the msdn Patterns and Practices Lab and a peek inside the p&p Team Room. Of course, these are quite advanced implementations of Mike's list, but show how important these companies find the physical environment.

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